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RV2 - Virtual International Producing -
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Welcome to the RV2!

This is the portal for professional work

  This is where you can showcase your songs!

  …and be discovered!

Mir-United Inc, a California corporation, presents Record v2.0 - a Virtual International Production center.

 In the left-hand column of this website, you can find information about Copyright registration and about our team of specialists and experts who can help you to get your music released in international markets around the globe.


This album represents the music of various groups from different countries which are now participating in the RV2 community. These collectible albums will be released regularly. Thus every four months you have the opportunity to add to your music collection exciting new offerings from these fresh and talented artists and groups from Europe, America, Africa and Asia ...

About Record v 2.0

(Founded in 1986)

   What is RV2? 

Virtual international producing, Record v2.0 (RV2), follows in the tradition of the of the SPM Record Organization, which was founded in 1986.

Only on this site, you can upload your song ideas in demo format - even if it’s just a simple arrangement with a vocal track and no effects - and as long as the idea is original and good, it will catch the attention of our experts and producers.

At Record v2.0, musicians and songwriters can receive online consultation and expert advice, showcase their abilities to international entertainment industry professionals - and the general public - and most importantly, sign a contract and make music with the assistance of foreign production companies.

 If you have a technical problems, don't hesitate to ask us (Footer - "Contact Us")

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