RV2 Advisory council  (continued)
by admin, 08/17/12 08:25:02
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Song Review 2: "Queen For A Day" by Sunwill.
(review written by Ian Rich, RV2 expert, US)


IRHi guys,

I've just listened to "Queen For A Day"; on the surface, it sounds like a worldwide hit. The voice is fantastic and the melody is impactful - but - I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what you're singing about.

First of all, the lyrics and the track you submitted don't match. For example, the lyric sheet says "…Just the way I'm shackled" but the audio sounds like "just the way I'm shey", which doesn't make any sense.

Second, it seems like some random English words have been thrown together and that there isn't really any cohesive lyrical idea. Some of the lyrics just don't make sense (i.e. "I've never thought you").

Lyrics are a reflection of your thoughts, so be careful with them.

Also, the arrangement sounds straight out the 1980's; you might want to update the structure of your arrangement and create something more unique and recognizable as the sound of your band.

Personally, I really like what you're doing.

You guys are talented - and you're too special to be "usual".

I wish you the best!

Los Angeles, 08.21.2012

4 / 5