RV2 Advisory council  (continued)
by admin, 08/17/12 08:25:02
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I'd like to share my thoughts.
Mario Koss (Germany)

We are on the new portal - my congratulations!
The development of the RV2 site is truly revolutionary!
As an idea, I believe this site can become one of the biggest music sources.

      Young American, Asian, European, including Russian musicians were the first to explore this unknown territory of utilizing the internet to create a virtual platform consisting of an international network of professional entertainment industry promoters, producers, writers and performers from around the globe.
      I will send to the site compositions of young performers whose material is marketable from a “record company” point of view.
As the head of a record company, I never dreamed of having such easy access in locating unknown talent from around the world. I am looking forward to distributing their music globally.

      I'd like to ask these musicians to define their reasons for playing music.
- To play for themselves?
- To entertain their friends?
- Or to participate in an international competition of artists with the hope of becoming a star?
Each goal has merit.

I'd like to share my thoughts.
To be successful in the music industry, you should be able to answer the questions below:

1. In what world market would you like to work?
2. How carefully did you research this market?
3. What kind of musical genre do you represent ?
4. Are you ready to devote yourself to this type of music?
5. Do you have time and resources to focus on your ideas?
6. Do you have the support of family, partners or friends to help you on this difficult path?
7. Can you handle the pressure if you fall short of your own expectations or that of others?
8. Do you continue, in spite of setbacks, to vigorously move forward to reach your goal?
9. And, most importantly, are you ready to learn from others - those who have more experience and success than you?

If - Yes, then create more music and send it to the site RV2.

      Keep in mind that this site is designed for serious artists only! An unprofessional performance may have the opposite effect - people will simply turn off the sound track ...
Please send us your Songs, written with love and respect for all the people on Planet “Earth”.

      I have a tremendous amount of respect for RV2 artists who have challenged themselves in the world of music and are achieving their goals… 

      Send your questions via section "Contact Us" on the footer of this site.
      We look forward to hearing from you.

Wish you the best!
Mario Koss & “Pikosso Record”

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