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Artist Name:           SMASH-S

*Member(S):         John Chester

Artist Location:       Africa: South Africa

Artist Influences:    David Bowie, Sting, Snoop Dogg

Artist Genre:          Melodic Art Rock, film music

Biography:   The band SMASH-S was formed in 2001 in Berlin City, Germany, by John Chester (keyboards) with Michael Katz (drums). In the year 2002 friend of M. Katz - singer Nick Putino has joined the team. The first single “Summer in the fridge” was issued by the WB-Europe Label in 2003, etc… (Band History)

Band Country Republic:      Republic of South Africa

*Band Post Address:          1254 Abramovich Blvd., Apt. 123

Band City:                         Polokwane

*Band State:                     Limpopo

*Band Zip code:                290101

*Band Telephone:             8 (436) 601-22-2233

*Band Email:          

Band Performers:              John Chester – keyboard

                                        Michael Katz –  drums

                                        Aaron Petrson –   Bass

                                        Nick Putino –   Vocal / guitar

                               … (Band performers)


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