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If you have a technical problems, don't hesitate to ask us (Footer - "Contact Us")


In 5-steps insrtuction


Dear artist,

The content of this portal has recently been transferred to a new multi-site web platform that was created especially for you.
 We are sorry for any inconvenience if you were prevented from logging in while we were doing the transfer.

Here's how to use the system...

This 5-step instruction will facilitate your registration and help to create a personal account.

1. On the left part of the main page, start by clicking the "Register" button and then choose a category of profile: artist or visitor (fan).




2. Enter the following information: name of project, your personal e-mail (where you'd like to receive your activation link) and password.



Once you've filled out those fields, click "create account".

3. Check you e-mail and click the activation link. If you don't see an e-mail from RV2, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Once you click on the activation link, you should be taken to the login page. Enter your username and password and that should get you into the site. 



Once you're in, click the My control panel (cPanel) button, located in the top right-hand corner. This will give you access to the personal menu. "User control panel" (artist menu), which looks like this:




Click on the desired button to access your profile, music, video, announcements, etc. Here's a screenshot of the profile menu:


4. For filling in or if you'd like to modify your profile, choose Profile Info :



Your address information is extremely important for Copyright info:


Here you can enter the name of your project, specify your country of residence, a musical genre, biography and profile photo.

Images are automatically compressed on upload. Try not to use images larger than 800x640 (jpg or png). 

To change the name of the project, please contact "admin" (You can find "Contact Us" button right on the footer of the portal). 


5. How to publish your music? Choose Artist menu > Songs > Create A Song button.



Insert the song name, lyrics, info and add an image which will be displayed next to your song.
Lyrics are important. RV2 experts will not work with songs missing lyrics (with the exception of instrumental music).




PLEASE NOTE: you must use a SQUARE image for songs (300x300 pixels for best results). 
Wrongly filled profiles and song lists will be excluded from consideration by RV2 experts.

The video section works the same way. VIDEO MUST BE IN FLV FORMAT ONLY.
Here are a list of free video converters FLV converters on the net. On line and for free!

You can also embed YouTube videos as follows:
- Control Panel > YouTube videos > Create YouTube Video > YouTube ID/URL (to copy the address-link of your video from YouTube site).

These are the main sections that you will use more often. 

In the Stations and Channels sections, it's possible to create your own radio and TV channel, which allows you to broadcast your music and video tracks (or any other music and video on the RV2 site from other artists) so that you can create your own custom music programs.

In the blog section, you can insert images, embedded media, YouTube videos, audio and HTML as well as add hyperlinks to your text and change your text formatting (size, style, font, color, bullets, numbering, etc.)

Simple examples:
Your profile: Control Panel> Profile > Profile Info >
Songs: Control Panel > Songs > Create Song (or Modify Song) > 
Video: Control Panel > Videos > Create video (or Modify video) >… etc.

Each section allows you to upload different *.jpg images.

PLEASE REMEMBER: After you finish working in your Control Panel, be sure to REBUILD YOUR PROFILE and REFRESH YOUR PAGE. 
Feel free to ask any specific question concerning your problems in cPanel ("Contact Us" on the Footer).

When you'll fill in all your features, you will get a such set under your profile's image:

Your tool strip


RV2's globally-recognized producers and publishers are waiting to hear your outstanding ideas and bring them alive on the world market.
We wish you all the best in your creative endeavors!

- The RecordV2 Team


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